nami ni nomarero



(9:15) -- November 2010

nami ni nomarero (drown in the waves or be swallowed up by the waves) is an interactive improvisational audio/video piece. A SuperCollider patch detects pitches in the music and jumps to different frames of the video that are associated with the pitches. By having an interactive video, I make musical decisions based on not only how it sounds but also how it looks in order to satisfy my desire to show and see all possible spots on the video by playing a wide range of pitches. The musical characteristics such as repetitions, long tones, staccatos, and large interval jumps are visualized. The bouncing and repetitive music and images represent ocean waves. They come and go, and it seems like they go nowhere, but they are gradually moving in various directions. I consider this a metaphor of everyday life, sometimes letting myself float between waves and go with the tide, and sometimes resisting to be drowned in them. The invisible parts of the video (invisible because the pitches corresponding to them were never played) represent the impossible nature of being aware of everything that happens during one’s lifetime.