Akiko is a composer, singer, and audio-visual performer / artist who is a native of Yokohama, Japan. She is interested in crossing boundaries between traditionally written music, improvisation, electronics, computer based live interactivity, and visual components. Storytelling, memories, and nature often play an important role in Akiko's work, and she most often finds beauty in simplicity. Designing and building instruments/controllers is a part of her current study as well. Akiko obtained her B.A. in music from Mills College and M.A. in Experimental Music/Composition at Wesleyan University. Since September 2011, Akiko has been engaged in PhD study in the MEME program at Brown University. Her instructors include Alvin Lucier, Anthony Braxton, Ronald Kuivila, Maggi Payne, Chris Brown, Jim Moses, Todd Winkler, and Butch Rovan. Akiko is a founding member of OPENSIGNAL, a collective of artists concerned with the state of gender and race in experimental electronic-based sound and art practices.