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December, 2014

Improvisation at Caé Fixe


Experimental Coffee House at Café Fixe by Non-Event, September 9, 2014

On-location recording done by Ernst Karel from Non-Event, mixed by Akiko

けむりー Kemuri




漆黒 ー shikkoku



Ito - いと


ito was written for Eric Clark - Violin, Vicki Ray - Piano, and Amy Knoles - Percussion of the California E.A.R. Unit. Ito can mean thread or intentions in Japanese. The recording is from a reading in Grant Recital Hall at Brown University on March 8, 2012. The percussionist plays the strings inside of the piano with a rubber mallet, and the violin player plays right next to the open-lid piano to get subtle resonance. Score available upon request.
Performers: California E.A.R. Unit - Eric Clark; violin, Vicki Ray; piano, and Amy Knoles; percussion






In Far, I focus on creating a foundation of drones that weave throughout the piece. These long tones come and go. I intend the gradual and subtle movements of layered sounds to embrace any emotions that listeners may contain in their hearts. They also provide a moment of respite from their ordinary life. The sound sources are Moog III P, as well as voice and flute filtered through the analog modular synthesizer.

Fall 2007

Voice Poem (excerpt)



Wire Song


Fall 2008



I imaged the pillars of lights coming from cracks of clouds in the sky. This piece is made with Max/MSP using both synthesis in the program and recorded samples of triangleand voice. 2007



A direct translation of the word "itsu" from Japanese to English is "when." By playing the spacing of different instruments, I intended to represent different worlds that never come cross and to give a feeling of dreams. 2008